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Telemarkerting and our Business Philosophy

Bt Group Poland is born into the world of business services ranking among the leading companies in the sector in Poland and Europe. Many professionals , sales team , sales agents and small businesses rely on us every day to our services that are considered in Polish and European market a reference for the sector. Our philosophy is not 'a telemarketing in which an operator follow a default script , but, you will have some real industry professionals able to "jump" the classic filter secretaries and / or assistant to be able to get directly to the " decision makers". We believe that knowing how to present properly a business at present days is crucial in this wide and competitive market by being aware that having competent staff in the specific sector in which they operate is the key to win and make a quality step into the company .

Why using our Telelmarketing Service


Save time in searching the potential customer

Savings in terms of costs and avoid time looser without talking to the decision maker

Company presentation in a professional manner 

Contact more decision makers in a short time using trained sales personnel

Make appointments without having to do it in person with a consequent time saver

Directly sell a product and/or service when required


Packages Offered

In the course of our experience we are confronted with different realities ' because every customer has different needs, and for this reason we have developed a number of packages to be able to better adapt at different situations. We can summarize our proposals into 3 main branches

"TIME BASED" Contract solution

"FIXED CONTACT" Contract solution

"APPOINTMENT" Contract solution


The contract for settlement in " TIME " This solution suits those customers who prefer to establish a contract with our company in the medium – long term optimizing costs with the possibility ' to verify or adjust the campaign on the basis of needs and / or requirements that may vary with time.

The contract for a solution at " APPOINTMENT " This solution suits you those customers who prefer to pay directly for an appointment with the decision maker without worrying about other variables and / or costs associated to the telemarketing service . Usually this service is chosen by companies with sales staff , which prefer to have the appointment for visit in person in a second step.

The contract for the solution to " FIXED CONTACT " This solution is suitable for those customers who prefer to pay by fixed contact having a package with a defined number of customers. This proposal is chosen usually when you have a defined budget and you want to do a market survey for the development of an appropriate campaigns. This solution is perfect for those who wish to take advantage of telemarketing on seasonal bases .


Would you like to make use of our Telemarketing Services? Ask For a Free Quotation using the below Contacts!

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