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Thanks to the extensive experience developed over 15 years, a specific technical preparation, the products knowledge and the growing request for innovative solutions from the marketplace, BT GROUP POLAND Sp. Zo.o. has grown to be a young and dynamic firm with an international spirit and an open-minded vision.

BT GROUP POLAND Sp. Zo.o. has been for more than 15 years a reference in the food, package and tobacco mechanical machines construction, specialized in commercialization at the national and international level of particular's production and industrial level spare parts.

BT GROUP POLAND Sp. Zo.o. is the official distributor of prestigious brands, at the first place in the market for product quality, innovation and overall customer attention. It represents in the North of Italy and in Poland a leader name in different kind of fields, with the certainty to always give to its customers the proper answers and the correct product. We have sales exclusivity for the European market coming from primary firm leaders for several products as for example: funeral equipment, lifting machine equipment, silver gifts, house accessories, playgrounds production and installations.

BT GROUP POLAND Sp. Zo.o. operate also in e-commerce investing every years huge capitals looking all the time forward at the future of implementing new technologies to maximize profit and reducing fixed costs.

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