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BT GROUP POLAND Sp. Zo.o. is a serious partner of major industrial suppliers providing always a wide range of products suitable to every request coming from the best brands in the world. Call our sales department, ask for an offer and you will not be disappointed. We also have interesting opportunities for stock of material coming from "store closures" or "renewal of series". 

We have more than 25 years of experience in this field and we connect everyday demand and offer successfully both in Italy and in Poland. Below is a list of the main product's typologies that BT GROUP POLAND deals with

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Sales Department
Call: 0048-531688299 - 0048-781587726
 : btgroupoland@btgroupoland.com

Support Department
Call: 0048-531994272 - 0048-781587726
: btgroupoland@btgroupoland.com

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Pl. Sw. Macieja 7 lok. 5/6

50-244 Wroclaw (Poland)

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