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Our Company has been operating for more than 50 years in the screen printing and lithographic sector. Our strength is the considerable manufacturing versatility.  After several years of work in Italy and in Europe, the company was able to transform the silk-screen from artistic schooling into industrial process and became the undisputed leader for the manufacturing of labels and similar. We realize screen printing plates in Aluminium (natural aluminium, pre-painted aluminium, anodized aluminium) and also we are using: steel, brass and plastic materials (PVC, polycarbonate, polyester a.s.o).

We are among the few companies still are able to produce chemically etched steel, aluminium or brass plates. 
We print on aluminium with inks which are detergents and weather resistant.
We manufacture plates for machine tool, data and motor plates, warning plates, plates for quadrants, funerary plates for coffins, synoptic panels, instruments plates and panels with polycarbonate layer.

Here is a preview of our Catalogue for Funeral Equipment:


you can Download our FULL Italian language catalogue bu clicking here.



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