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Rope playgrounds are still a novelty on the Polish market. Magic Mesh enable comprehensive development of the child. Children playing at the same time exercise their bodies and minds. The offer we have already known all over the world pyramid with a height of up to rope up to eight meters. The pyramid can be equipped with a standard slide, fireman tube, glass, rope bridge or tunnel. In addition to cars you can find pyramids very interesting and attractive single device, like a giant spider web. For more demanding customers we can set up their own unique set of rope from the available modules. Children, young people and their carers will spend unforgettable moments traversing various types of transitions, overpasses, tunnels and rope spider web and links climbing ladders, monkey-like grove. Linaria provide a mass of fun, not only the youngest. Enable children to overcome barriers and gain new heights, while ensuring their safety, and adults back to childhood ...


Our mission is to break children from computer screens. They have offered to make us effective, modern and safe playground equipment.

Our priorities: Safety first

All our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of the Polish and European law. Offered by us are certified by the Technical Inspection Office and the Institute of Technical Supervision. This is the best guarantee of quality and safety of playground equipment Bt Group Poland.

Quality without compromise

Attention to detail is our priority. Therefore Bt Group Poland playground equipment is durable, aesthetically pleasing and safe. To produce them using high quality materials and employ experienced professionals.

Customer Satisfaction

Working with the investor always listen to his comments and try your best to identify and meet their needs, which results in customer satisfaction after the completion of the investment. This is a very important aspect for us business.

The equipment

Bt Group Poland device revolutionizes the classic (standard) playground. Magic Mesh allow for comprehensive development of the child. Children playing at the same time exercise their bodies and minds. Cunning, agility and creative thinking - do not provide traditional houses and towers. Children are very demanding – Bt Group Poland playground equipment can meet their needs with a vengeance.

For customers

The offer we have prepared for you the well-known pyramid rope, very attractive single device configurations and different sets of cars - popularly known as monkey groves. A wide range of modules allows each customer to create their own unique playground. Thanks to this investment can be divided into stages, depending on current needs. The offer is also ready and tested sets. Our consultants provide expert advice and represent the optimal solution. They will help you select the color of both the device and design the playground.

Comprehensive design

Bt Group Poland deals with complex land management and green. Qualified professionals will draw for your project and will carry out installation of a modern playground. Knowledgeable sales representatives will assist you in choosing the right surface cushion, fences and playground equipment will choose the best suited to your needs. A wide range and constant cooperation with other manufacturers of playground allows us to meet the most demanding projects. Evidence of our skills and capabilities are completed investments confirmed references. When installing the unit, we focus on thinking and professional equipment, which enables fast and cost-effective execution of investments.


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