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Represent a leader firm founded by a team of engineering experts, all with extensive experience and know-how acquired over many years working for international companies, where they held important  management roles including executive managerial positions, structural design, project engineer and head of department roles alike. Thanks to the consolidated experience, know-how and motivation of each single professional, this team can satisfy the requirements of companies specialized in the manufacturing of heavy-duty machinery for the civil engineering industry. This engineering firm provides bespoke design solutions for heavy-duty equipment across a range of applications including bridge construction, work sites, shipyards and other major construction projects.

Our services
The company provides design projects and technical consultancy for manufacturing tyre-mounted straddle carriers and trolleys, launching gantries, cranes, formworks and special equipment in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 standards. These services are aimed at heavy-duty equipment manufacturing companies and in particular at enterprises in emerging markets. The services we provide are: design project and structural design reports, project development and supply of layouts and detailed workshop drawings, use and maintenance manuals, engineering consultancy at design stage, engineering consultancy at manufacturing, engineering consultancy with equipment operational on site, engineering consultancy at equipment assembly and installation

Client awareness

The company believes in working as a true partner to equipment manufacturing companies by walking them through the manufacturing process and guaranteeing a team of engineering experts who know how to integrate and communicate with the client and its organization.
For the shipyard and shipbuilding industries the company can offer its services in partnership with UNI EN ISO 90001:2000 certified companies acknowledged in this sector,that are reliable, highly-motivated and flexible.

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Call: 0048-531688299 - 0048-781587726
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Our Head Office



Pl. Sw. Macieja 7 lok. 5/6

50-244 Wroclaw (Poland)

NIP. 8992715656 REGON: 021498624